NASCAR Heat 2 - First Thoughts

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NASCAR Heat 2 - First Thoughts

Unread postby WhiteyDoBow » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:24 pm

So, the new piece of NASCAR Content is out. If you liked NASCAR Heat Evolution, NASCAR Heat 2 is amazing. However, for me, I found NHE very frustrating because the AI failed to recognize when you were around them. NH2 has not fixed this unfortunately. The physics feel pretty much the same as NHE. Cautions need to be more sensitive, because sometimes 3-4 cars are crashing and spinning, and no yellow comes out. As well, you can hit someone in their quarter panel with your nose, and you get spun, instead of them. It's a little annoying....

4% is the lowest distance you can select, 7% is the lowest distance you can select and elect to have cautions, and 13% is the lowest distance you can select and elect to have stage races. (Yes, there are stages if you choose to have them, and the points system works accordingly for stages, as well as giving playoff points for stage wins.) However, there are about 10 Cup drivers in Xfinity to fill the field out to 40 cars, and they count for points. (So for example, Suarez, Logano, Keselowski, Ty Dillon, Kahne, Harvick and Amirola can win the Xfinity Series Championship in your career playthroughs.)

Realistically, NH2 is just NHE with Xfinity and Trucks added, as well as the rest of the schedules for those series. The online seems to be much better, and works nicer, but isn't exactly league friendly. (Lobby auto-starts)

Multiplayer Sessions are 40 player enabled, and the servers seem to be much more stable, and allow for it more readily than ever. You can add AI, but they are automatically set to medium AI difficulty, so you run away from them.

Eldora is a flop though, because you have to run the middle lane. Down low is too grippy, and up top is too loose. On the straights there is a ton of grip, but in the corners, if you get on the throttle the car automatically starts to let the rear end break loose. (And you can't just counter-steer it while on throttle.)

For some oval fun it's great, or if you're going to a NASCAR Track within the next year, the game is practically free. (If you buy the game new, in it's case, for $50, you get a $50 voucher off a ticket to any of the licensed "Motor Speedway" tracks on the NASCAR Circuit. These are the tracks with the Red/Blue Circle logo with the white car in the middle. (New Hampshire, Bristol, Charlotte, etc.) )
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