New Games - New Series?

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New Games - New Series?

Unread postby WhiteyDoBow » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:56 am

So, I haven't seen anything in particular being posted but obviously there are a few new games on the market now. GT Sport, Project Cars 2, and even the lack luster NASCAR Heat 2. Is there to be any focus towards using any of these games on PS4 for upcoming series?

I've personally found Project Cars 2 a little awkward feeling, and kinda buggy. Haven't played any online though, so I can't at-test to any of that. Although, the fact the Ford Fusion Gen 6 is free is something for me to be happy about. Also the inclusion of Daytona, Texas, and Indianapolis are a warm welcome. Still though, I'd have to see some various updates for me to take the game any bit seriously enough to play in a series format.

NASCAR Heat 2 is really pretty awful. But is the best game in the oval market... so.... (for PS4 that is..)
Nuff Said. Moving on.

So, GT Sport. I joined STA back in the days of Gran Turismo 5... yeah... A long time ago. GT Sport has a lot of the typically Gran Turismo Nostalgia to it. The servers are back in full swing, with random kart racing servers, and cruise the Nurb servers, and Cop servers at Route Tokyo! It's all great fun. The game feels just like all the other Gran Turismos, and I can't be anymore in love with it. That being said, there are a few different series from that past that come to mind that I wouldn't mind seeing brought back. (Like Tour de Kart, LMP/GT, and others.) The line up of tracks are heavily based on fictional tracks this time around, but that doesn't dampen my mood much. The tracks are still a ton of fun. Just not a whole lot of variety unfortunately. (Hopefully updates - free DLC.) Gran Turismo finally has some visual damage system in place. The penalty system seems to work pretty well. And THEY FINALLY INCLUDED A PAINT SCHEME EDITOR. So yeah. I'm having a lot of fun with GT Sport. Please, some of you folks in charge of running series. Consider GT Sport for a series. It's lovely.
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Re: New Games - New Series?

Unread postby Marimbakat » Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:46 pm

Carl2448 is back with us, and he was looking into a shuffle series of some type for GT Sport. Get up with him. A few others are looking to work something out. I understand PC2 is buggy and we're looking for patches for that. As for Ovals, NH2 will never be institued at STA as rf2 is THE best in terms of open availability to the use of NASCAR.
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Re: New Games - New Series?

Unread postby sickwititHD » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:29 am

Im in the process of testing Project Cars2 on PC. I will be posting pro/cons a I see them and if it looks good will attempt to get like a dirt trophy truck series going. Im looking at things, events, series that we have not run here at STA....
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Re: New Games - New Series?

Unread postby carl2448 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 2:52 pm

Hey, Yes I'm looking into a return on the Shuffle series I ran a few years ago with GT Sport. At the moment I am dealing with heavy work and will announce the series (Pending approval and personal tests) mid November or early December.
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