F1 2017 Season 2

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F1 2017 Season 2

Unread postby MyNameIsGrayson » Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:46 am

Hi All,

The time has come for season 2. As you can see there have been a few changes to the way this series is going to be run, which I hope will help aide the quality of racing. There will also be changes to the way this series will be managed which you will see in due course. So check it out and if you have any comments or queries don't hesistate to comment on the post. See you at the track.

Season 2
Saturdays 7PM EST / Sundays 11AM AEDT / Sundays 1pm NZDT

Malaysia – Saturday 17th of February
Baku – Saturday 24th of February
Spain – Saturday 3rd of March
Austria - Saturday 10th of March
Silverstone - Saturday 17th of March
Monaco - Saturday 31st of March
Italy - Saturday 7th of April
Abu Dhabi - Saturday 14th of April
Brazil - Saturday 21st of April
Singapore - Saturday 28th of April

Race Settings:
Car Performance - Equal
Park Ferme Rules - On
Collisions - On
Vehicle Damage - Full
Safety Car - On
Rules & Flags - On
Corner Cutting Stringency - Regular
Formation Lap - On
Race Starts- Manual

Assist Restrictions
Braking Assist - Off
Anti-Lock Brakes - On
Traction Control - Medium
Gearbox - Free choice
Pit Assist - Off
Pit Release Assist - Off
Dynamic Racing Line - Free choice

Simulated from real life

Race 1
One shot qualifying
25% race
10 minute break
Race 2
Reverse grid
50% race
The whole event be between 75 and 90 minutes long roughly


DNF – 0
20th – 16th – 0
15th – 1
14th – 2
13th – 3
12th – 4
11th – 5
10th – 6
9th – 7
8th – 8
7th – 9
6th – 10
5th – 12
4th – 14
3rd – 16
2nd – 18
1st – 20

Street championship
3 Round smaller championship were points from all street circuits (Baku, Monaco & Singapore) are accumulated. The driver who scores the most points over the course of these three events will be awarded the title of “Street Champion”. The point of this award is to celebrate the most consistent driver of the course of some of Formula 1’s most difficult circuits.

Teams Championship
As Formula 1 is a team sport teams will be in use.
-Drivers must pair up prior to the start of the season and can only change teams once in a season. This change must occur prior to the 5th round of the championship and must be approved by the presiding league official before this change can take place.
- To be eligible for teams points teams must have both drivers attended a minimum of 5 events a piece.
- Replacements – If one or more drivers stop attending events a replacement may be used, this replacement can be any current member of the league who is not currently competing in the Formula 1 season
- Choice of team will be given preference to drivers who completed 5 or more races of season one, with the winner of season one getting first choice, second getting second choice, third getting third choice and so on.

Other Information relating to the series
90% rule will be in use meaning that you must complete at least 90 percent race distance to be a classified finisher
You will not score points if you fail to complete 90% race distance, however, this does not apply to disconnects and the likes, final finishing position in these instances will be taken by a case by case basis and final result will be at the discretion of the presiding official.
If you dnf in race 1 of the weekend you will start from the back of the reverse grid race.
All STA rules apply

Sign Up List

(To sign up simply state your psn id and your preferred teams)
1. MyNameIsGrayson (Preferred Teams - Williams, Mclaren, Red Bull)

Also don't forget to add MyNameIsGrayson on PSN
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Re: F1 2017 Season 2

Unread postby Stallard22 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:15 pm

Stallard22 - (Preferred teams - Mclaren, Williams, Renault, Haas)
I didn't sign up last season so I'm not going to picky at all.
If anyone from Attack Dog wants to team up let me know.
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Re: F1 2017 Season 2

Unread postby pflyguyp » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:14 am

Guess I'll sign up. Can confirm as of now that I'll only be available for Spain, Austria, Monaco, Italy, Brazil, and Singapore.
PSN - pflyguyp
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Re: F1 2017 Season 2

Unread postby MyNameIsGrayson » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:58 am

Following a lack of sign ups this series has been cancelled, i'm working on a replacement indy car series, if anyone is interested follow this link viewtopic.php?f=92&t=1100
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