Broadcasting and driver profiles

Re: Broadcasting and driver profiles

Unread postby vexedtechie » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:58 pm

PSNID: vexedtechie
Name: Eric McFarland
Age: 31
Country/city of residence: Fort Wayne, IN
Cultural background: American
Languages spoken: Mediocre English, Butchered Spanish
Profession/job: Operations Manager
Date joined STA:
Team name: Trans-Tasman
Accolades (#wins, championships): Some kart wins, and WSOP
Real-life racing experience: once finished 5th in a kids bicycle race at my local 5/8 mile short track
Hobbies: spending too much on beers, video games, embarrassing myself routinely
Skills: tbd
Other info: I enjoy tacos, but not on Tuesdays for personal reasons
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Re: Broadcasting and driver profiles

Unread postby fasr06 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:23 am

PSNID fasr06 , Tom Fasr
Name : Tom Robilotta
Age :55
Country/ City U.S.fuckin A . ! , Mastic Beach , Long Island , New York
Cultural Backround: Italian American
Languages: English , some Spanish with enough hand gestures to get by with
Occupation: Master Carpenter / Fabricator
Team Name : Owner , Attack Dog Racing
Accolades : 7 Wins , Gt3 Pro Amateur Championship in 2015 , Finished 2nd in the 2016 Rolex series LMP1 class . Constructors Championship in F-1 2016 series in the Ferrari . 2015 Well over 100 STA sanctioned races run
Real life racing : only one race ever run , a hair scramble on ATVs , finished first , but since I wasn't a dealer team rider , I was told the first lap time wasn't recorded by the official and I was DQed . Never entered another race again because of the politics surrounding the events .
Hobbies : Surfing , Hunting , Model building of cars ( hot rods , drag cars , ProStreet cars , Semi Trucks .
Date joined STA :December 2014
Skills : Hunting guide , survivalist
Other : Granpa to six little badasses , 2 daughters, 3 step children , 4 dogs - all Rottweilers,2 males , 2 females ,
Home Improvement business owner / operator in the Hamptons on Long Island . I have friends all over the globe thanks to STA !!!
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Re: Broadcasting and driver profiles

Unread postby ONESPACE » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:04 am

Age: 47
Country/city of residence: Denver CO
Cultural background: Merica
Languages spoken: Merican
Profession/job: plumber
Date joined STA: ????
Team name: ????
Accolades (#wins, championships): None yet, but they'll come.
Real-life racing experience: Not much, used to take my 72' 240Z to some SCCA time trials.
Hobbies: spent way to much on RC rock crawlers.
Skills: I can still ride a skateboard, but can't rip it like I could when I was a kid.
Other info
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Re: Broadcasting and driver profiles

Unread postby K9-1000 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:34 pm

Name:Ali Mansourian
Country/city of residence: Vancouver Canada
Cultural background: Persian
Languages spoken: English - Persian
Profession/job: School
Date joined STA: XX/XX/2016
Team name: Cuncussion :-)
Accolades (#wins, championships):
Real-life racing experience: Only street racing
Hobbies: Soccer (Goalkeeper) Motorcycleing
Skills: Computers.
Other info:
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Re: Broadcasting and driver profiles

Unread postby pflyguyp » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:54 pm

PSNID: pflyguyp
Twitch ID: pflyguyp
Name: Stephen Ryan
Age: 25
Location: Collierville (Memphis) TN
Cultural background: Irish/Italian
Languages: English, Italian
Occupation: Corporate pilot
Date joined STA: July 2016
Team name: none
Accolades: 2016 Mexican Grand Prix Winner
Real life racing experience: K1 speed karting
Hobbies: Flying, skimboarding, grilling, fishing
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