Rolex24 Series Round 1 Watkins Glen

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Re: Rolex24 Series Round 1 Watkins Glen

Unread postby CJBMX702 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:46 pm

I would like to appeal it.
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Re: Rolex24 Series Round 1 Watkins Glen

Unread postby Marimbakat » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:53 am

Your appeal has been note and another official shall rule on this incident.
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Re: Rolex24 Series Round 1 Watkins Glen

Unread postby sickwititHD » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:11 am

I'm not the official assigned to look into this issue. I just wanted to take a look as it has been open for some time. I took a look at the tape and I agree with the ruling as it appear to me both drivers had some fault in this racing incident.

CJ did flash his lights but made no verbal warning and at the rate of closure only flashed once. In my opinion had he even flashed multiple times the GT driver may still not have seen that. I seen no erratic movement from the GT driver in which case it is the over taking vehicles responsibility to make a clean pass when a safe place to pass presents itself.

The faster vehicle has the responsibility when over taking a slower vehicle as they have they advantage when approaching the slow vehicle (doesn't matter the class of the vehicle). The slower vehicle simply needs to hold their line.

We are SIM racers and we model our racing after real life racing... I watched the 12 hours of Sebring last night and I heard the commentators mention more than once. the over taking vehicle is the responsible vehicle and that slower vehicle should give way when they have the ability to do so.

With that said... this appears to be a racing incident in my opinion and I don't feel anything more is needed to close out this issue.

Lets all use this as a learning event so we can be more aware of the different car classes and capabilities of each others driving skills and vehicles.

FYI If you still have questions watch a little bit of the Sebring race and you will see this type of event multiple times during the race and most of the time it was just considered a racing incident with no penalties to either driver.
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Re: Rolex24 Series Round 1 Watkins Glen

Unread postby fasr06 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:14 pm

I have been asked to make a ruling in this incident . First things first tho . I myself do not believe in the verbal contact between drivers . The real deal ? They don't communicate verbally . Hand jesters maybe , lights flashing definitely! . Last season I drove an LMP in the Rolex series , finishing 2nd in the series . I made it a point that if I wasn't going to verbally tell the slower driver I'm coming threw , he knew I was coming , lights flashing more quicker the closer I got . Also made it a point not to pass in a corner, no rules about these , just common sense . "To finish first you must first finish ", is a rule to be followed .
I have reviewed the U-Tube video and :
I see this incident as an avoidable contact situation .Racing incident. No penalties issued . Drivers should be watched in up coming races for sloppy driving , by which I mean ,trying to let the faster driver thru the corner along side himself as to put his car in jeopardy ( which did happen ) and causing an incident . Faster driver not taking into account that he is passing in a turn on a slower car . Proper thing to do woukd have to made the corner on line and slowed on the straight to accommodate the LMP2 . I also see this as a faster driver not making a safe pass . Yes you got in it cleanly , but I saw the Gt3 up on the curbing , which isn't always a good thing when exiting the corner . I myself would have waited until the exit to start applying the pass. Both drivers need to learn the lessons here to avoid future incidents . I do believe fatigue was also a factor .
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