Sanctions issued at Brands Hatch (Assetto Corsa)

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Sanctions issued at Brands Hatch (Assetto Corsa)

Unread postby Marimbakat » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:16 pm

After a complaint had been issued by CJBMX702, I assigned the case to a neutral Race Official. Bjorn has been a dedicated sim racer for more years than I've been racing and through counsel and deliberation his issuance of sanctions are of the following.

Posted via Bjorn:

In light of the incident that occurred at Brands Hatch on the 19th lap of the 2nd Porsche Cup race, the following video will be introduced as to understand what could happen IRL. Mind that this IS open wheel, but in the exact same section of the track.

The finding of this Race Official is that the rule of C.4 is NOT in violation due to the fact that the driver in question, ant1897 allowed by rule the driver, he believed to have caused an accident with, to pass him in a legal manner, and upon CJBMX702 not pitting (even if unallowed to), ant1897 legally passed CJBMX702 after the start/finish line compliant to the rule as written.

ant1897 is found in violation of rule C.2a/C.2c as he may be not taken an abrupt turn to the left, he was found to not give enough room to an overtaking vehicle that had gained substantial distance and had position for an overtake. Furthermore, it is ruled by the Race Official that league rule D.1 & D.4 were in violation as the overtaking vehicle had an advantage and was forced off the road.

The following sanction in applied:

Reduction of placement to 3rd in 2nd race with a total of 3 points deducted from that race. Driver will be placed on a 1 race probation to end at the conclusion of the next race event.

By right the sanctioned driver has one week to appeal.
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