Sanctions at Donington Park - World Series by Renault

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Sanctions at Donington Park - World Series by Renault

Unread postby Marimbakat » Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:06 pm

The following driver is found to be in violation of League rule A.4 Responsible Driving.


During the Donington Park race in the World Series by Renault, said driver pitted during the race and turned on the A.I. driving feature associated with Project Cars 2. When the a.l. took over, the extreme slow pace and erractic behavior of the car caused multiple incidents and caused the red flagnof said race. With an untested result from using this system, and since it is not regulated ir sanctioned for use by the league, the driver is found in violation of the rule.

It is the judgement of the officials that a 4 race probation is hereby sanctioned on the driver for this incident. If any violation during this sanction is to take place, further action will be taken. This sanction is valid through the next 4 STA race events, no matter what series.
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