Season One - Lotus 78 Cosworth

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Re: Season One - Lotus 78 Cosworth

Unread postby WALLYGATOR-215 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:41 am


that is the link, its in General Discussion under New Series Thoughts. Its actually going to be classified as the Colt Vintage Series, so it is not a new series, just a new championship under the Vintage category. Will most likely be a 6 race series, possibly 1 hour races, possibly all assists available. Almost certain it will be the Sauber Mercedes. Myself and a few other officials will be testing some things this weekend, putting together the track list, and making sure everything is solid. This new event will most likely start right after the World Series of Renault finishes up, and will most likely be on Monday Nights Eastern Time. stay tuned for more info under the Colt Vintage thread, as the Renault only has about 4 races left, so this new event will most likely be starting Mid-June, about a month and half from now, which we all know will come flying up. I think with summer time coming, it will be best to leave it on a monday night, as most people are busy on the weekends. we want to keep it simple, and somewhat short to allow another vintage series to start right up after this one is over and keep using some of these cars that dont get used much, but are a blast to drive. Im not sure who all would be interested in this, but its going to happen anyway, as we only have open wheel series going on, and Rolex. We need something different.
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Re: Season One - Lotus 78 Cosworth

Unread postby hkraft300 » Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:07 pm

I love the Sauber so I don't mind either way :)
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